Welcome to Da'z

Da'z Wee Pub   (Pronounced dahz wee pub)  Noun - Daddy's little pub. 

Usage Examples... Meet me at Da'z Wee Pub.  The beer is always cold at Da'z Wee pub.  Da'z Wee Pub was off the hook last night!

Steeped in history and tradition, Da'z Wee Pub or Dad's little pub, where the pints are always cold and the crowd is always bold.

The Kitchen at Da'z, coming soon.

Already voted best brick oven Pizza

from a microwave!

Our thoughts are with all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor-easter.  The Jersey Coast we all know and love is much different now.  Some things will be as they were someday, some things will not.  Please reach out to us if you need any assistance.

95.9 FM The Rat's Steve Hook mentions Da'z! 

She Said No!

Official house band of Da'z Wee Pub.

Stay tuned for future appearance info...